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marzec 2022

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Data: 31.03.2022
Czas rozpoczęcia: 13.00
Miejsce: physical - room 1.1.1 (INOS building) and virtual - MS Teams
Organizator: Instytut Nauk o Środowisku

PhD Krystyna Nadachowska (Jagiellonian University): On the importance of exploratory and descriptive research in genomics - a case study on neutral and adaptive evolution in spruce bark beetle

Virtual form: how to participate?

Use links to Teams meetings that are emailed to participants before seminars (if you are not on the email list and want to be added, please contact: Marcin Czarnołęski,, +48 126646873.

Alternatively, you can scan this QR code to be automatically directed to the Teams meeting

Everybody is warmly welcome!