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„Tropical ecology – field course” - subsidising a participation in the course on Borneo

The competition is open to students who will pre-register for the course in our USOS system. This registration starts at 8:00 am Friday 15 December 2023 and finishes at 12:00 pm (midnight) Wednesday 20 December 2023.

The registered students will be emailed with information how to proceed further and how to submit research projects for the competition. Important, registered students should also join a Teams group 'Tropical Ecology Field Course - Borneo 2024’ - use your official UJ email and enter the access code: 3z73y2g. Afterward, add your name to the Excel file provided in the Teams group. The Teams group will be used for consultations of projects and distributing information. For further information, you can contact a course coordinator, Marcin Czarnołęski:

Competition description

Course dates (duration of the stay in the field station): 30 June-21 July 2024

Deadline for submitting project proposals: 12 January 2024

The aim of the competition is to subsidize the participation of 12 students in the "Tropical ecology - field course" at a Danum Valley research station in Malaysian Borneo. The support does not cover expenses incurred outside the period of teaching at the field station, such as the costs of air travel or local travel. All students at the Faculty of Biology of the Jagiellonian University (Biology, Neurobiology, Environmental Protection and Management, Ecology and Evolution) can apply.

The competition can be entered by students who meet the entry requirements of the course "Tropical ecology - field course" (WBNZ-850) listed in the syllabus (“Completion of any ecology course. Completion of the "Tropical Ecology" course or equivalent. Knowledge of the English language at an intermediate level at least.”), or by students who, at the time of the opening of the competition, are in the process of completing the required courses and will receive positive final grades from these courses no later than in the winter examination session (academic year 2023/2024).

Competition rules

The competition will be resolved based on proposals of research projects, which will be carried out by candidates during the course. The projects should take into account the specific environment around the field station (rainforest in Borneo: Danum Valley Conservation Area), limited access to scientific equipment in the station, and the expected duration of projects (14 days).


A project proposal must be prepared in English and contain the following information (brackets provide the maximum number of characters with spaces for each section):

  • name and surname of the author
  • project
  • a summary of the research idea (max 2000 characters with spaces)
  • an outline of the research plan for 14 days (max 2000 characters with spaces)
  • a list of necessary equipment, materials and laboratory facilities (max 600 characters with spaces)
  • evaluation of the realism of the project being conducted during the course (max 600 characters with spaces)

Scoring of project proposals (total: 0-15)

  • Meritorious value (0-6)
  • Summary (0-3)
  • Plan (0-3)
  • Realism of the projects (0-3)

The project should be prepared in the form of a Word file in the following format: MS Word file, maximum 2 pages, standard margins 2.5 cm, font 12 points Times New Roman, line spacing of 1.