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The detailed description of our research can be found on our webpage

Our research focuses on the diversity, ecology and evolution of insect symbiotic microorganisms. We study them using high-throughput next-generation sequencing techniques.

Our main research directions are:

  • the evolution of specialized endosymbioses of Auchenorrhyncha;
  • the diversity and variability of microbiome composition, as well as transmission of microorganism strains, in insect communities.

The Group’s research activities are centered around three projects:

  •  Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Polish Returns 2018 project, "Insect Microbiomics"
  •  National Science Centre Sonata Bis 8 project, “The evolutionary dynamics of the symbioses of Auchenorrhynncha”
  •  National Science Centre Opus 16 project "Insect microbiome dynamics in time and space"