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Laboratory of Ecological Microbiology

Head: prof. dr hab. Ryszard Korona

Overseer: mgr Joanna Bobula

room 2.2.1, phone (012)6645135, e-mail:

Equipment: four laminar chambers, three universal temperature-controlled shakers, four incubators with temperature control, titer plate shaker with temperature control, six bench vortex shakers, two single stand shakers for titer plates, laboratory cradle, set of ten replicators for titration plates, 96-well epMotion 96 pipette, RGB LED transilluminator, sonicator / homogenizer for titration plates, TECAN Infinite M200 multi-function reader, Spectramax iD3 multi-sensing microplate reader, CytoFlex flow cytometer with 1 laser and 4 colors and a 96-well plate loader, DNA electrophoresis kit, protein electrophoresis kit, centrifuge with cooling, two table centrifuges with rotors 24 x 1.5 / 2 ml, two microscopes including one with a micromanipulator, thermal cycler without gradient, two heating blocks with blocks exchangeable for 0.5 ml or 1.5 / 2 ml tubes, 1- and 8-channel pipettes including electronic, laboratory balance, two magnetic stirrers, portable pH-mtr, freezer - 80 ° C, freezer - 20 ° C, fridge-freezer and refrigerator, two table autoclaves, microwave table autoclave, 80l autoclave with drying, laboratory dryer, fume cupboard

Available laboratory services: Capabilities: Versatile preparation and cultivation of aerobic microorganisms and determination of various parameters of the microorganism growth curve. Extraction and analysis of DNA and proteins. Long-term storage of strains.