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Advisory teams

Rules of operation of the advisory teams appointed by the doctoral advisors / supervisors of doctoral students at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Jagiellonian University

The goal of the advisory team is to help PhD students to conduct valuable research and to progress through the phases of their doctoral dissertation. The task of the team is to facilitate contact of the doctoral students with their older colleagues and facilitate their mentoring. The team also helps the PhD students to develop their discussion and persuasive skills. The team acts in a supportive and not a controlling role. Its existence does not affect the rights and duties of the supervisor, but allows the supervisor to demonstrate that they have assured adequate development for the doctoral student.

1. By the end of the first semester of the PhD studies, the student’s doctoral advisor shall appoint the advisory team and inform the Council of the Institute, about its composition.

2. The advisory team should consist of at least two researcher who are not members of the advisors’ research team, and at least one of them should be an independent researcher (with a post-doctoral degree habilitation). If the Institute/Faculty Council, at the time of launching the doctoral procedure, appoints an auxiliary supervisor, that person will become a member of the advisory team, if that was not already the case. A member of the advisory team may not be appointed to be the reviewer of the dissertation.

3. By the end of each academic year, the doctoral student, in agreement with the doctoral advisor / supervisor, prepares a written report covering the results obtained thus far and further research plans. The report is sent to the members of the advisory team well in advance of the annual mandatory meeting (see section 4). The report has no fixed form. It should be concise, but its content must allow the members of the advisory team to overview the achievements and potential difficulties encountered by the doctoral student. The report, in whole or in part, may be used for annual reports submitted to the head of doctoral studies.

4. An annual mandatory meeting of the advisory team should be devoted to the discussion of the progress of the research project, the courses undertaken by the doctoral student and organizational issues, if needed. The date and the detailed form of this meeting is determined by the doctoral advisor / supervisor.

5. After the meeting, the doctoral advisor / supervisor attests the report of the meeting written by the doctoral student and refers it to the secretariat of the Institute and the head of doctoral studies. The report is not the subject to evaluation, but is attached by the head of the Institute's Council to the supervisor's request for the launching of the doctoral procedure and admission to the final doctoral defense of any thesis produced.