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Laboratory of Ecochemistry and Ecotoxicology

Head: dr hab. Maria Niklińska, room: 2.1.4, phone: +48 12 664 51 30

Lab supervisor: mgr inż. Maciej Choczyński, room: 2.0.1, phone: +48 12 664 52 17

elementary analyzer CHNOS (Elementar Vario EL III); atomic absorption spectrometer with flame and graphite furnace (Perkin-Elmer AAnalyst 800), atomic emission spectrometer (Jenway PFP7), Microplate Reader (Biotec ?Quant); microrespirometer Mikro-Oxymax (Columbus Instr.); digital image analysis system (binocular microscope Olympus with Camedia digital camera, Canon digital camera, DIA software); incubators, driers, mineralisers, heating plates, silite furnaces, shakers, ph-meters, analytic scales, etc.; climatic chamber (controlled temperature, humidity, and lighting).

analyses of effects of toxic chemicals on organisms, populations, and ecosystems, evaluation of pollution-related effects on the environment, environmental hazard assessments.

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