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Laboratory of Histology

Head: dr hab. Marcin Czarnołęski

Lab coordinator: dr Anna Maria Łabęcka

Room: 3.2.12, phone (12) 664-52-03 or (12) 664-59-91, e-mail:

Equipment: automatic rotary microtome Zeiss Hyrax M55 with block and cassette clamps. Section transport system with water bath Microm International GmbH. Cryostat Leica CM 1950 UV. Hot plate CAT H3 Schott. Heated paraffin embedded system Leica EG 1150 H with cold plate Leica EG 1150 C. Electric heatable forceps Leica EG F. Microscope Nikon Eclipse 80i (light field, dark field, phase contrast, fluorescence) with digital camera AxioCam MRc5 Zeiss and ZEN Imaging Software Zeiss. Imaging Softwares Cell Sens Olympus for image analysis of virtual slides. Thermostatic cabinet Conbest (max. temperature 70 °C). Electronic balance PCB 400 Kern. Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elma.