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Thermal Ecology Laboratory

Head: dr hab. Marcin Czarnołęski

Overseer: mgr Anna Sikorska

Room: 3.1.9.

Phone: 12 664 5990 or 12 664 5207, e-mail:

Equipment: Four thermal chambers ST700 TOP + FIT (POL-EKO) with temperature regulation between + 10°C - +45°C, LED light (day/night period) and humidity regulation. Plexi containers (YETI).Two thermostatic dual-chamber cabinet ST 3/3 PREM (POL-EKO) - glass door inside, photoperiod and temperature regulation between +3°C - +70°C. Respirometry system (SABLE SYSTEM). Set for Drosophila melanogaster anaesthesia with carbon dioxide. Microbalance XP26 (METTLER TOLEDO). Semi-micro Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter 6725 (PARR). Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter 6100 (PARR). Four channel Oxygen Analyser and Regulator System (Loligo Systems). Four pH meters and four biurets.