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Climatic Chambers

Overseer: mgr Elżbieta Pochroń

room 3.1.19, Gronostajowa 7

phone (12) 664 54 04, email:


Among the 35 Institute’s walk-in climatic chambers, 24 have the temperature regulated in the range +12 ÷ +35°C, 4 allow for temperatures down -25°C; 10 chambers allow for regulating relative humidity in the range of 10 % ÷ 80 %. In most chambers users can regulate also the air exchange rate. In all chambers the required photoperiod, light intensity and the dusk length can be programmed. The chambers are used for animal breeding (rodents, birds, amphibians, invertebrates), soil microcosms incubation, and various experiments. Some have been equipped for special purposes, e.g., aquaria rooms, acoustic laboratory or the isotope laboratory. All chambers are monitored by a central computer.