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Habilitation (DSc degree)

The Institute of Environmental Sciences holds the right to award the habilitation (DSc degree) in the area of biological sciences, discipline of ecology.

Laws and regulations

(Polish version only)


A person, who would like to conduct the habilitation procedure at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, JU, in the area of biological sciences and discipline of ecology, should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Has substantial scientific achievements, including at least a dozen or so papers in internationally recognized scientific journals (included in the list A of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education or listed by the Journal Citation Reports).
  2. Is the corresponding author of at least 5 papers in internationally recognized scientific journals.
  3. Acted as a principal investigator in at least one research grant awarded under an open competitive procedure (e.g., KBN/MNiSW/NCN/NCBiR or other national or international science foundations).
  4. Completed at least a month-long research internship abroad.

The above conditions further specify the criteria listed in the Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, issued on September 1st 2011, regarding the criteria of the assessment of achievements of a person applying for the habilitation degree (Dz.U. 2011 nr 196 poz. 1165).


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